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Values and Ethics

At the heart of our identity

At LUCID CO-OP, our Values and Ethics are at the heart of our identity. Our Values inspire and guide our team members, who each contribute to our ethical culture. LUCID CO-OP founders, are deeply convinced that sound ethics are an essential foundation for profitable and sustainable business. From the outset, this belief in doing business ethically and our commitment to our core Values will distinguish us.


Solution orientation

A solution oriented approach helps people to develop goals and solutions rather than just explore and analyse problems.It is different to more traditional helping methods in that it focuses on the present and the future, goals and how to achieve them.

Trust and reputation

Trust is the oxygen that allows reputation to exist. At Lucid Coop Limited we subscribe to premium values of trust and reputation.

Reputation capital is the value of intangible assets of a business,such as reviews,word of mouth,brand identity and stakeholder trust.


Crowdfunding networks are open,multi sided markets that match founders and funders on crowdfunding platforms.Lucid Coop limited constitutes an investment vehicle promoting the bridge corporate link between funders and founders.The unique structure of these networks blends social and business networks and compromises a complex array of closer and more distant network relations.

Effective Networking

Networking is the process of making connections and building relationships.

Effective networking makes use of the easy accessibility of vast networks of people through social media and websites to bring investors and entrepreneurs together.Lucid Coop limited subscribes to that model of business.


Compliance is the state of being in accordance with established guidelines or specifications.This means Lucid Coop limited adheres to the applicable rules and laws.

Lucid Coop Limited is a fully compliant member of the FCA Financial Conduct authority.The FAC ( Financial Services Authority )regulates financial activities such as banking ,insurance to offer consumer fair experience.


Lucid Coop Limited is built on foundation grounds fostering empowerment.Empowerment is about people having power and control over their own lives .It’s about people getting the support they need that is right for them.

One of the most effective ways to empower others is to express appreciation for their efforts….. habitually we do that as standard at Lucid Coop limited.


Loyalty, integrity, uprightness, a complete refusal to use any underhanded method to help win business or gain any kind of advantage. Neither growth, nor profit nor independence have any real worth unless they are won through complete honesty and probity.
And everyone in the Group knows that any lack of openness and integrity in our business dealings will be subject to disciplinary procedures.


The willingness to empower both individuals and teams; to have decisions made as close as possible to the point where they will be put into practice.
Trust also means giving priority, within the company, to real openness toward other people and the widest possible sharing of ideas and information.


Independence in thought, judgment and deeds, and entrepreneurial spirit, creativity. It also means tolerance, respect for others, for different cultures and customs: an essential quality in a multicultural worldwide group

Team spirit

Solidarity, friendship, fidelity, generosity, fairness in sharing the benefits of collective work; and accepting responsibilities and an instinctive willingness to support common efforts when the storm is raging.


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